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The Letters

The Pizza, Pipers and Petit Fours Letters©

are so much better than buying a book!


Handwritten letters are much more personal and thoughtful.

And when you receive them by post, it makes the experience even more personal.


Every month has different and exciting true stories,

so there's always something new to enjoy and experience.


These authentic adventures are never-ending - unlike books!

Your letters will arrive on beautiful, artistic paper specifically designed

for each country's heritage, culture and landscapes.


You may also find a gift from me included in your letters.

A little something from each country for you to hold on to and treasure!

Whether its a postcard, a recipe, an authentic photo taken by me...

whatever it is, it will be a pleasant surprise when you receive them!



Feel as though your traveling with me through each letter and immerse yourself in

three of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Personalized, heartfelt and funny.

Candid, raw, and at times - unfiltered!

Creative, quirky, serious - but most of all - truthful.


Your subscription begins with TAKE #1 - ITALY!

Your two monthly letters will be posted on the 2nd and 4th week of each month

directly to your post box.


Think of them as pen pal letters to you every month - twice a month - that reads like a book!

Only better!

So, come with me as I make my way to and through Italy, Scotland and France -

you'll love every, single, exciting and hysterical moment!



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