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Florence Cathedral

Pizza, Pipers and Petit Fours© was conceived in most part because for years, friends and family have been telling me to write a book about my epic, solo, travel adventures. And while I would love to write a book about my incredible, and at times, hair-raising journies, my story is never-ending - thus resulting in writing several books!


 Not to mention, it is damn hard to get your book published by a publisher these days.

I wanted something where I could share my true stories with the world on a more personal level. Yes, we have social media, and while I have been posting my 5-year (and counting) journies on my personal social media pages to immediate friends and family, it's not that personal is it?

I don't know about you, but I love receiving letters. And what could be better than receiving a personal letter about true adventures across four countries from a middle-aged, menopausal, single woman and her pets traversing from the U.S., to Italy, then the Scottish Highlands, to France, and finally back to Italy! 

All during some of the craziest and most intense times of our lives!?

And thus - Pizza, Pipers and Petit Fours©  was born. 

I do hope you enjoy receiving and reading every one of my letters,

as much as I enjoy writing them. 

They are truly a labor of love, blood, sweat and yes, tears.

All my love,

Maggie xx

The Concept...

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