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Florence Cathedral


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Margherita is a Travel News Writer, Journalist, Freelance Writer, Editor, Landscape Photographer, and self-published author in both the United States and Europe, with nearly 20 years of experience in each of these fields.

Her passion for writing and travel led her to start her own travel business in 2014 - giving way to writing feature articles about varying countries and locations.


As a travel news writer, journalist and freelance writer, she has written for several online and print publications in the U.S., and recently her travel writing pieces have been published in The Florentine (Italy), and Explore (U.S.).


She also currently writes professionally (and humorously) about her relocation and travels from the U.S. to Italy, Scotland, France, and back to Italy.

Below you will find a few of her published travel articles. To read more articles written and published by Margherita: Click here.

Most Impressive Hotel Presidential Suites To Book For Your Next Trip

Many have stayed in one or more of them when vacationing, on a business trip, or spending time away from home that requires overnight stays: hotel rooms, average suites, and above-average suites. But, what about staying in a presidential suite? You know, those really luxurious, jaw-dropping, house-size accommodations that typically sit near or on the top floor of varying hotels? Well, if you're in the mood to really splurge for your next hotel getaway, take a look at 20 of the most impressive hotel presidential suites we've listed from around the world to book for your next trip.

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The 20 Most Romantic Restaurants To Visit In Italy

Anyone who has ever been to or dreams of going to Italy will tell you that it exudes romance from the toe tip and heel to the cuff of its gorgeous boot-shaped outline. From romantic movies to ancient, historical monuments and alluring Renaissance paintings, Bella Italia is the epitome of amore. So, it will come as no surprise that some of the most romantic restaurants can also be found scattered across this breathtaking country, set in the most magical settings possible. From remarkable hidden gems to upscale locations, we've chosen the 20 most romantic restaurants in Italy just for you!

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Visit Marradi

Explore the hidden marvels of Marradi, a community in the Mugello valley

A green community in the upper Mugello valley, Marradi’s historical past was once riddled with uncertainty and devastation, but now its future looks bright and prosperous. Tucked in the lush Tuscan-Romagna Apennines Mountain range, the sparkling Lamone River surrounds this densely forested captivating area brimming with wildlife, nature walks, and waterfalls.

What You Need To Know About Italy's Evening Ritual La Passeggiata Before You Go

When you think of visiting Italy for your vacation, thoughts of sunbathing by the Mediterranean Sea, lapping up creamy gelatos, and devouring a delicious Napoletana pizza come quickly to mind. But the country that's stolen millions of hearts around the world, and been the centerpiece of hundreds of films, is so much more than that. Yes, Italy is known for its beautiful landscapes, captivating beaches, and charming villages and towns, but Italy also honors its long-standing traditions and values life over work, which is even more appealing. In fact, these traditions are respected and cherished by both the young and the elderly, and rightfully so, as they are the building blocks to experiencing la dolce vita fully.

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Walking around in the city

Here's How To Explore Italy On A Shoestring Budget

You've decided that this is the year that you're going to take your summer vacation to Italy. After pricing airline tickets for you and your family, you soon realize that the money you've saved for your bucket list trip will take quite a hit due to the rising cost of airfare, and you're wondering how you're going to afford to see everything you had initially planned to visit in Bella Italia.

Why April Is The Best Time To Visit The Italian Alps

They can be visibly seen from Northern Italy, as far as Venice in the northwest, and Mantua (aka Mantova) in the central north. Their towering, prominent, and unusually shaped, massive, jagged peaks are both picturesque and mysterious, dominating the skyline. They are the Dolomites, and this UNESCO World Heritage Site made up of limestone, forms part of the dramatic mountain range known as the Italian Alps that borders both Italy and Austria.

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