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FIVE YEARS (and counting)...

The True Story of an American Woman's Solo,

Menopausal, Epic Adventure Relocating (and Escaping) from the U.S.

to Italy - the Highlands of Scotland - France - then back to Italy!



The Pizza, Pipers and Petit Fours Letters© are a 24-letter snail mail letter subscription service delivered to your letter box each fortnight. 

The true story of an adventure unlike any other.


Candid, honest, hysterical, raw, and at times - unfiltered! Each letter addressed personally to you from the heart of Tuscany!

Pizza Margherita
Loch Tummel-Scheihallion-Queen's View_edited.jpg

"If you ever want to go into full blown menopause, go to Scotland.
The cold weather will freeze your ovaries!"

© Pizza, Pipers and Petit Fours

Scottish Bagpipes Player in Edinburgh.jpg
Fresh Croissants

"Expats often have a bad rap in France.
It isn't all about designer clothing, croissants and petit fours.
To really feel at home here, you must immerse yourself in the French culture, while being respectful."

© Pizza, Pipers and Petit Fours

Petit Fours.jpg

"An Epic, Life-Changing Journey That Will Leave You Breathless and Wanting More..."



Follow me from the U.S., as I relocate to my mother's birth country - Italy -

where I lived and experienced this incredible country -

taking part in everything Italian (without speaking/understanding hardly any Italian!).

Rich with history, culture, romance and food,  Italy's beautiful landscape and people

are to be treasured and admired. 

Explore Italy with me, and learn about my adventures there

before I make my way to a remote area in the Scottish Highlands!


The Scottish Highlands are indeed magical.

For nearly 3-1/2 years, I made and called Scotland my home.

Going from Italian markets, pizza, gelato and sundresses,

to wearing wellies and winter clothes nearly every day, was a challenge.

Running a small hold on my own with hens, sheep and cats was even more challenging! 

Muck, shit, Brexit hit, and then Covid.

That's when I planned my escape to France.


Come with me as I escape to France during the height of a global pandemic,

and experience through my stories the history and beauty of France.

Its rolling hills, vineyards and romantic countryside - from one of the most beautiful regions in France - Gironde.


From delectable food and wine, Chateaus, language obstacles, mind-boggling French, bureaucratic paperwork,

and immersing myself in the French culture (at least trying to!) - it's not all croissants and petit fours!


All roads lead back to Italy.

Life in France was not at all what I expected - in fact it was a nightmare. 

A short period of my travels spent there - six months - and that was enough for me.

After five years of experiencing each incredible country - their beauty, their challenges,

it was time to return back to where I felt my heart grounded the most and truly where I belonged.

Bella Italia.

I'm finally 'home.'

Wine and Cheese

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